2023 Conference: Piratey McPirateface

Our Theme

In celebration of radical democracy, internet culture and hearing the voice of the people: our 2023 conference theme will be named “Piratey McPirateface”.


In keeping with the theme, we want you (yes, YOU!) to tell us who you want to be the nominees. Below is a list of officer positions up for nomination during the conference. Nominations can be submitted by filling out the public form at this link: [link]

  1. The Captain or Chair, who shall manage all administration and operations of the PNC, act as the chairperson and primary spokesperson of the party, and facilitate PNC meetings.
  2. The First Officer or Vice-Chair, who shall assist the Captain in managing the administration and operations of the PNC, and act as primary leader of USPP committees and secondary spokesperson of the party. The First Officer will assume responsisbility for all meetings held by party recognized committees and conduct business on behalf of the Captain or the Quartermaster, in the event that either is absent or incapacitated.
  3. The Quartermaster or Treasurer, who shall manage all accounts of funds and the recording and reporting those funds to members, governmental campaign finance agencies and the general public.
  4. The Scribe or Secretary, who shall keep records of the minutes and logs for meetings, tally votes, and maintain a database of the members who compose the PNC as set forth in Art. III §1.
  5. The Lookout or State Moderator, who shall ensure that disputes between states have an impartial party who will help produce a resolution. This person will also work with each state party to develop and enforce a Pirate Code of Conduct.
  6. The Beancounter or Auditor, who shall ensure that national party funds, or such funds disbursed to state parties, were used appropriately.
  7. The Swarmcare Manager, who shall welcome new activists and state parties into the swarm and continually measure the overall health of it. A typical task would be to call new activists just to make them feel welcome, and tell them when the next events — social as well as operational — take place.
  8. The Webadmin or Director of the On-line, who shall coordinate volunteers to maintain the on-line infrastructure of the party, such as its websites, blogs and wikis.
  9. The Director of Public Relations, who shall administrate social media accounts, advise the PNC on its image and reputation, readily communicate with the public and press, and orchestrate opportunities for Pirates to appear publicly.