2022 Conference: Pirates Reborn!

Our Theme

The United States Pirate Party is experiencing a resurgence it has not seen in a long time. We need your help to capitalize on it! At PNC 2022, we will be charting a course for the future by building a strong activist infrastructure in the present. This is our chance. Let’s take it.

What To Expect

PNC 2022 is a free, digital conference. It will be held on our YouTube channel from May 30th to June 5th. Anyone not presenting at the time will be able to interact with the panel via our YouTube chat and Discord server.

We will elect new officers, give presentations, and discuss how to move forward as a party. See the schedule below for specific placements.

Schedule (Eastern Daylight Time)

Monday, May 30th

6pm – Opening Remarks – Ivan Bartoš, Chair – Czech Pirate Party / James O’Keefe, Chair – Massachusetts Pirate Party

We started our 2022 party conference today with Chair Rose “Yari” Klein and Outreach Chair Anthony Jay. We started with a prerecorded message from Ivan Bartoš, Chair of the Czech Pirate Party, with what the Czech Pirates have learned. Later Secretary and Massachusetts Pirate Party Chair James O’Keefe gave a keynote speech about how Pirates must build direct democracy in our country.

Tuesday, May 31st

8pm – Pirate Submission: “Pirating” The Moulton Maneuver by Drew Bingaman

Wednesday, June 1st

7pm – Pirate Submission: A Pirate Guide to Personal Cybersecurity by Rose “Yari” Klein

Thursday, June 2nd

9pm – Pirate Submission: The Future of Our Labor Rights: What States’ Labor Laws Apply to Remote Workers? by Hunter Rand and Laura Gattis

Friday, June 3rd

9pm – Guest Speaker: The State of The Fourth Amendment by Alex Marthews of Restore the Fourth

Saturday, June 4th

7pm – Pirate Submission: The Golden Age of Piracy Reborn by Ethan Osborne and Mitch Davilo

8pm – Mr. Osborne and Mr. Davilo discuss the experience of running for office as Pirates

9pm – Officer Candidate Forum

Sunday, June 5th

8pm – Pirate Submission: Why the Pirates Should Consider Cross Endorsements and Fusion Voting by Brianna Coyle

9pm – PNC Meeting (Elections Included)