Get Involved

Ready to sail toward freedom? There are plenty of ways to get involved. Whether you want to run for office, spread our message, or maintain the ship, there is a place for you within our party.


Political parties in the United States are mostly formed on the state level. The Pirate Party is no different. The national party exists to promote organization in the form of conventions, ideals and communication between members. In order to gain an official membership status, we greatly encourage you to join your state party.

You can find a comprehensive list of our official state parties on our About page. If there isn’t an official party in your state, reach out to us! We may be able to connect you with an existing effort to organize. If you’re the first Pirate in your area, don’t worry, we’ll help you start a state branch from scratch. It’s not as scary as it sounds. 

Looking for a quick and easy way to join our efforts now? All interested people should join our Pirate communications network:

If you keep up with us through these channels, you’ll never miss an important update. 

You can also obtain a Voter Registration form and select Pirate (in states where we are recognized) or select “other” and write in “Pirate.” In the event that you aren’t able to register as Pirate in your state, we ask that you register as undeclared, but being registering as a member of another party is temporarily acceptable. 



Right now, there are four major committees:

We want your help to form more committees to do the work we need. For the Pirate Party to function there are many jobs that need to be formed and various aspects of the National Operation can always be improved. If you wish to form a committee, be sure to read the bylaws and follow the procedures outlined in them.