USPP Privacy Policy

We are fully committed to your privacy. Any information you share with us will never be sold or shared with third parties. We will not share your information needlessly within the party either; we may share personally identifiable information including but not limited to your name and contact information among the Pirate National Council (PNC) along with its applicable committees and members parties to allow us and our member-state parties to connect with you. This information may also be used for verification of membership to the USPP, PNC, and/or member state parties if other reasonable attempts to contact you have been unsuccessful.>

We do not store the information received by the Printable Voter Registration Form or by any other Voter Registration initiative and therefore cannot share it. Any information given by you is used to generate a form for you to print and mail out. If you choose to save it on to your own hardware, please exercise caution. Voter registration tools run by third parties (such as Rock The Vote and the DNC Services Corporation) may collect data for various uses which are covered in their respective privacy policies.

Cookies are used to keep track of your session if you create an account on the wiki or comment on an article. They are not used to collect any other information, such as browsing habits. If you are concerned about this, most modern browsers offer privacy features which allow the selective removal of cookies.

The webchat provided on this website is maintained by Pirate IRC network operators and may collect information not covered in this privacy policy. The Pirate IRC network may require registration for access to some features. Registration on the Pirate IRC network requires you to provide an email address and may require other information. Services on the network may collect personal information including but not limited to your real name, email address, IP address, and client information. By using the PirateIRC network with the provided webchat or your own client you agree that you are fully aware that the network is not under the control of The United States Pirate Party, PNC, or any state parties and agree that they are not responsible for any damages that occur during the use of the network. We also ask that you become familiar with and adhere to the Terms of Service of PirateIRC.

At this time, the information you give to United States Pirate Party is handled by individuals appointed by both the PNC and IT Committees. These individuals and those acting on their behalf are the only ones who will have access to the personal information you provide us. It will be used to organize our membership, help us plan for future events, and connect with supporters.

Via the email you provide us with, we will remain in contact with you by mailing lists and/or individual contact. We will communicate directly with those who have provided us their email, providing news of upcoming Pirate-related, political events of interest and/or other events throughout the United States as well as their area, party activities and any communications from the Pirate National Committee and Member States. There may also be general discussion threads, to be used for informal discussion among subscribers, on any topics related to the agenda, mission, and the development of policy and platforms of the United States Pirate Party and its Member Parties.

By giving us your information, you agree to the above conditions for use of any information provided to us. This Privacy Policy is accessible at:

If at anytime this Privacy Policy is changed, we will alert anyone who has shared their information with us immediately of the changes and the date the revised policy goes into effect

Last Revision Date: November 28th, 2012