Organize Your State

We are dependent on healthy state parties. If you wish help organizing a state pirate party – email bosun@wipp.coop

4 comments on “Organize Your State

  1. Steven Fekete

    On September 1 2019 I officially changed my Voter Registration affiliation to United States Pirate Party. Based on confused follow-up email I received from Allegheny County, assuming additional assistance is needed in Pennsylvania. Please advise as to the current party framework so that I can volunteer

  2. Kevin Zabbo

    I registered to vote, to make sure I could do so where I live, and I was thinking again to register Independent, but changed my mind last second to “pirate.” I guess the saying is true: you can be anything you like, but as soon as you’re a pirate, you’re a pirate for good!

  3. Stephen Coleman-Roush

    My name is Stephen and I only just heard about the Pirate Party. I am a resident of Ohio and currently live here. Furthermore, I am highly interested in this political party and I would like to learn more about it. In furthering this regard, I will be reading the book that was suggested by this website. Please let me know how I can know more about the group before I decide to get involved.

  4. Dave Shoemaker

    Hello, just curious as to whether theres a California party established or any efforts to do so!

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