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 We are dependent on healthy state parties. If you wish help organizing a state pirate party – email hello@uspirates.org

 The US Pirate Party is a party of state parties, only as strong as our collaborative efforts allow us to be. This party will not be operating at max capacity until there’s 56 Pirate Parties, in every state plus DC and the five territories. 

 We currently have active, PNC member Pirate Parties in California, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. We are close to seeing Pirate Parties in Connecticut, Delaware, the DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia), Florida, Kansas, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia and are seeking more volunteers from these states.

 The process to a starting/getting involved with your state Pirate Party isn’t complicated, and getting involved has never been easier. If you have questions or are interested in getting involved, join our Discord, shoot us an email at the address above, and tell us about yourself.

 We’d love to have you be apart of our crew!

5 comments on “Organize Your State

  1. Steven Fekete

    On September 1 2019 I officially changed my Voter Registration affiliation to United States Pirate Party. Based on confused follow-up email I received from Allegheny County, assuming additional assistance is needed in Pennsylvania. Please advise as to the current party framework so that I can volunteer

  2. Kevin Zabbo

    I registered to vote, to make sure I could do so where I live, and I was thinking again to register Independent, but changed my mind last second to “pirate.” I guess the saying is true: you can be anything you like, but as soon as you’re a pirate, you’re a pirate for good!

  3. Stephen Coleman-Roush

    My name is Stephen and I only just heard about the Pirate Party. I am a resident of Ohio and currently live here. Furthermore, I am highly interested in this political party and I would like to learn more about it. In furthering this regard, I will be reading the book that was suggested by this website. Please let me know how I can know more about the group before I decide to get involved.

  4. Dave Shoemaker

    Hello, just curious as to whether theres a California party established or any efforts to do so!

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