Sayyida  Roll, please

        Sayyida  Megan Klein Chair Wisconsin

          OGPAF  Johann Drolshagen, Webmaster

          OGPAF  quorum?

          Bosun  Sorry Joseph Klein Wisconsin

        Sayyida  with Bosun we make quorum. Sadly I do not feel comfortable making long term calls unless Joe is here

        Sayyida  but let’s review a few things

          OGPAF  I’m Ok with that – nothing long term to discuss on my end

          Bosun  We need to talk with Pirate Joe.

        Sayyida  we spoke of the 50____ conditions of our party

        Sayyida  I spoke with him Bosun

          Bosun  OK

        Sayyida  I did some surface digging on the status and I am not a fan of having a PAC

          OGPAF  too bad – good money and a lot of freedom in a PAC

        Sayyida  seems a bit against our principle

          OGPAF  I get that

        Sayyida  it’s like money laundering if used wrong and that’s something I never want the party to face

        Sayyida  I have little faith in humanity

          OGPAF  that’s where my faith went – I have none

          Bosun  Political parties have few limitations, you just need to be on the record with what you gave.

          OGPAF  😉

        Sayyida  true the cure needs a bit of the disease, but a PAC is a bit too risky long term

        Sayyida  OGPAF, haha

        Sayyida  I will catch joe up on this later, but maybe a 527 or whatever might be best for us as far as status

        Sayyida  again this decision will be made later

          OGPAF  cool, my only 2 cents is…consider multiple

          Bosun  Which just means good record-keeping until we hit the reporting amount

          OGPAF  exactly

        Sayyida  records is what we do with this party and we keep them open and not secret

        Sayyida  that is not a moral problem with me

        Sayyida  for example if Germany wanted to give us money, they can’t legally, by the way, we have to record and show it vs in a PAC there is no such thing

        Sayyida  I do not want to risk our integrity

          Bosun  In theory, we can also have 52+ state, commonwealth, and district committees.

        Sayyida  I also need to announce that elections are coming up, Bosun can you send an email out tonight about that?

              *  Pirate_Joe (~Pirate_Jo@gateway/webchat) has joined #uspp

     Pirate_Joe  Ahoy

        Sayyida  Ahoy!

        Sayyida  *hug*

          OGPAF  arrrrgh

     Pirate_Joe  Sorry for the delay, baby duties

        Sayyida  I completly understand, no worries at all

     Pirate_Joe  Joseph Onoroski, Vice-Chair, MA

        Sayyida  we were discussing pac/527 whatever its called for our status, I do not want to decide without you

          Bosun  Sayyida and I are having a fit of integrity.

        Sayyida  also elections are coming up

        Sayyida  we are 2 weeks out from our election

          Bosun  Sebastian finally passed out …

     Pirate_Joe  I am still leaning towards a straight nonconnect PAC for the nation. Even though it limits how we raise money, it comes with a lot of safe guards as well

        Sayyida  THANK GOD Bosun

          Bosun  Then Date and Time …. Who runs?

     Pirate_Joe  Aye to that

        Sayyida  The meeing on JULY 29

        Sayyida  I want a PNC email out

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, where I feel that we, I mean you Bosun I ect are going to be just with a PAC, I feel that others may be less transparent and honest

        Sayyida  I don’t have much faith in humanity, especailly with money

          OGPAF  Any word on the Cali Cartel, I mean the CA Chapter?

        Sayyida  I have not heard anything from them, granted they are hard to reach. I will youtube their meetings and nail the jello to the wall

     Pirate_Joe  That’s why we have to be as transparent as possible?

        Sayyida  the risk that happened in NY a few years ago with germans puts that PAC at risk

        Sayyida  the lack of legal knowlage and what not is dangerous and I don’t want the party to make the mistake and error as the GOP and the DNC

          Bosun  Party contributions are pretty much unlimited, you just need to report who contributed.

        Sayyida  we can keep transparent records without a PAC

        Sayyida  as I find a pac useful right now, I don’t think 5 years down the road it will be helpful

        Sayyida  it might be a hinderance

     Pirate_Joe  Each person is limited to 500 unless they are running, 1k for those who do run

     Pirate_Joe  Tee-shirt idea does not work with a pac either

     Pirate_Joe  Hence setting up multiple orgs as OGPAF was stating

          OGPAF  yay

        Sayyida  *nods*

     Pirate_Joe  but then the additional costs of maintaining such orgs becomes a thing, as well has having a treasurer for each independent and possible conflicts of interest.

        Sayyida  I have less moral issue with multiple orgs, as long as records are transparent and people can not use it to be reckless

          Bosun  That may be MA but I don’t think that is FEC

     Pirate_Joe  Since we are just starting, I would lean towards picking one and going with it.

     Pirate_Joe  ^.^

     Pirate_Joe  MA is a special place…..

          OGPAF  point of clarity – multiple treasurers is 100% correct, but as growing we can use a single bookkeeper [probably paid] and have the records ratified by those elected

        Sayyida  I see the 527 as a possibility

          Bosun  https://www.fec.gov/help-candidates-and-committees/candidate-taking-receipts/contribution-limits/

          OGPAF  527 has good scope

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, yes, yes it is

        Sayyida  it seems to fit what we need and gives us the option to have multiples over time

     Pirate_Joe  Motion to vote on starting with 527 to org?

        Sayyida  second

          Bosun  2nd

        Sayyida  all for?

        Sayyida  aye

          OGPAF  abstain

          Bosun  aye

     Pirate_Joe  aye

        Sayyida  passes

        Sayyida  for record we are 5min til time

        Sayyida  Elections are in 2 wks

          Bosun  I can do the footwork with FEC and look at incorporation in DC.

        Sayyida  thank you Bosun

          Bosun  Basically done that already.

          OGPAF  thumbs up

        Sayyida  I will be running for captain again

          Bosun  The research.

        Sayyida  I don’t know about the rest of you

     Pirate_Joe  Aye, then when we have the EIN I will open the bank accounts

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, good

     Pirate_Joe  Thank you Bosun

        Sayyida  after which we start merch if we can afford the store and whatnot

          OGPAF  can anyione send me the ‘active’ social media that we have, plz?

     Pirate_Joe  I am glad we have decided on it.

          Bosun  Yep – I’ll be the first donorar with the filling fees.

     Pirate_Joe  lol, aye

        Sayyida  our USPP FB page is active, but weak

        Sayyida  we need to kick it up a bit

        Sayyida  I have not seen jamie in a while, is he ok?

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, do you have any idea where he went?

          OGPAF  I found twitter account with 4k +

          Bosun  You should put the PPI feed into the site. Does MA do a feed?

        Sayyida  that is active but I have a need to get the keys again

     Pirate_Joe  He has been extra focused on the family front.  All is well but it is keeping him fairly occupied.

          OGPAF  I intend to put any org feed that I can find in

        Sayyida  *nods

        Sayyida  ok we are at time

        Sayyida  motion to adjourn

     Pirate_Joe  2nd

          OGPAF  second

        Sayyida  all in favor?

        Sayyida  aye

          OGPAF  aye

          Bosun  aye

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, ?

     Pirate_Joe  aye

     Sayyida   meeting adjourned