Sayyida   it is the top of the hour and i call this meeting into session

        Sayyida  Megan Klein chair WI

     Pirate_Joe  Joseph, Vice-Chair, MA

          OGPAF  Johann Drolshagen, Webmaster

          Bosun  Joe Klein Secretary WI

        Sayyida  I have nothing to report gentlemen, I have been a bit swamped in my personal life

          Bosun  I move we nominate the current slate.

          OGPAF  ?

          Bosun  I move we run the current people/positions for next week’s election.

          OGPAF  ahhh, second

        jokeefe  Have there been any other nominees?

     Pirate_Joe  I would also like to discuss a possible additional position

        jokeefe  James O’Keefe, Massachusetts

          Bosun  I have seen non. If anyone chimes up I will put them on the website.

        jokeefe  Thanks Bosun

          Bosun  I will also put up any missing minutes I have.

        jokeefe  Much appreciated

     Pirate_Joe  In light of us forming a 527 with plans to distribute the money to the states, I suggest we add an position to act as both a moderator and uphold that the states follow the pirate code

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, lets hear it

          OGPAF  I would like to have a long conversation about this.

          OGPAF  Not to change it, just to understand it, and our goals.

     Pirate_Joe  Normally this position in a court system would hold the title of Sheriff, however I think a “Lookout” or “Safeguard” would be more appropriate

        jokeefe  I agree. We need to change the bylaws to separate secretary and treasurer

     Pirate_Joe  We also need to do that

        Sayyida  jokeefe, yes

          Bosun  OK

     Pirate_Joe  How I propose we do it is to have a state write up a grant and submit it to the council

     Pirate_Joe  The treasure is still keeping an eye on where the money goes, but the Lookout makes sure that the money is used for Pirate purposes and not for personal use.

          OGPAF  I can easily prepare a form on the site

     Pirate_Joe  Also, if there is an issue between to states or two parties at a national level, this would be the moderator whom would help settle the disputes.

     Pirate_Joe  *two

        Sayyida  I think we should have a deeper discussion on this position after elections

        jokeefe  Other pirate parties have Auditors, but I agree that it would be good to separate the rolls

        Sayyida  because we need to ajust the bylaws as well

        Sayyida  jokeefe, exactly

        jokeefe  Suggest we get through this election, then deal with adding / changing roles

          Bosun  Comptroller, Auditor – fine by me.

     Pirate_Joe  Well, the Quartermaster would still be needed. This is more to ensure the states awarded a grant are doing it correctly. Just like there is an FBI and CIA.  Totally different roles even though money is involved with both.

     Pirate_Joe  I am fine with tabling the idea until the need arises.  I just want to have some plan in place even if it’s not the best plan.

     Pirate_Joe  Half a loaf is better than none.

          Bosun  Move to table this discussion until after the election.

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, i think thats do able

          OGPAF  how about that – do we have an overall plan

          OGPAF  ?

        jokeefe  How about you write up a draft bylaw and we can review and edit then vote?

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, except when its half baked

        Sayyida  so edit the bylaws before election jokeefe ?

     Pirate_Joe  jokeefe, sounds reasonable.

     Pirate_Joe  I think after the elections, as Bosun motioned

     Pirate_Joe  2nd on Bosun’s motion.

        jokeefe  no

          OGPAF  second

        jokeefe  election. then draft by law changes. then new election for new offices

        Sayyida  that makes more sense

          Bosun  I agree

          OGPAF  agree

        Sayyida  Sounds good with me, that will give us time to process and juggle

     Pirate_Joe  Aye

          Bosun  Anything else to discuss?

        jokeefe  Bosun, will you post the candidates list?

          Bosun  Yes.

        jokeefe  Thank you

     Pirate_Joe  We are posting videos on the regular for our Mass chapter, when do you want to do another for the National level?

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, thought youd never ask

     Pirate_Joe  <3

        Sayyida  how does friday evening sound?

     Pirate_Joe  I can try, however I do not know if the vacation house will have Wifi

        Sayyida  we are at 10 til time

     Pirate_Joe  I’ll be leaving this Thursday and returning on the 2nd

     Pirate_Joe  Worst case I’ll have my phone but the quality will suffer.

        Sayyida  why don’t you email me and we can work out a date and time

     Pirate_Joe  May I call you instead?

        Sayyida  sounds great

     Pirate_Joe  Anyone else looking to attend?

        Sayyida  Anything else gentlemen?

          OGPAF  sure, why not

        jokeefe  Friday’s aren’t great for me.

        Sayyida  jokeefe, noted

        Sayyida  what days are good for you

        jokeefe  Depends on the week usually

          OGPAF  I’m open

     Pirate_Joe  We will keep it simple as well.  Still looking to do a solid base of videos.

        jokeefe  Three is a good number of people

        jokeefe  Pirate_Joe has it well in hand

     Pirate_Joe  Aye, thank you jokeefe

        Sayyida  we are 5 min til time

     Pirate_Joe  That is all I have

        jokeefe  I have nothing else

     Pirate_Joe  Motion to adjourn

        Sayyida  second

          OGPAF  aye

     Pirate_Joe  All in favor?

        Sayyida  aye

          OGPAF  aye

     Pirate_Joe  aye

          Bosun  aye

        jokeefe  aye

     Pirate_Joe  Motion passes, good night everyone

        jokeefe  good night all

        Sayyida  night everyone