Mon Jul 29

        Sayyida  Megan Klein Chair WI

     Pirate_Joe  I’m on my phone so if lose service I am sorry in advance

          OGPAF  Johann Drolshagen, Webmaster

          Bosun  Joseph Klein, secretary, WI

     Pirate_Joe  Joseph Onoroski, Vice Chair, MA

        Sayyida  ok todays agenda includes elections and touch up on our national status

          Bosun  Let’s vote!

          OGPAF  arrrr

        Sayyida  we are all running for same postions correct?

          Bosun  Yes

     Pirate_Joe  Aye

        Sayyida  ok vote to keep postions

        Sayyida  all in favor?

          Bosun  I move we accept the current slate by unanimous decaration.

          OGPAF  I vote aye

          Bosun  Yea something like that.

          OGPAF  second

     Pirate_Joe  Any objections?

        Sayyida  none from me

          Bosun  Make it so

          OGPAF  set course

        Sayyida  it passes with unanimous vote

          Bosun  Next – corporate issues.

     Pirate_Joe  Is this for a term of one year or 6 months?

          Bosun  The rest of this term

        Sayyida  I think 1 year term might be do able

        Sayyida  what do you guys think?

          OGPAF  is it the bylaws?

          OGPAF  the ‘term’

          Bosun  Well we need to fix up the bylaws and clean up our act.

        Sayyida  OGPAF, the current election was for a need becuase liz left

     Pirate_Joe  Since we have no one stepping forward we may as well make it one year.

        Sayyida  aye

          OGPAF  sounds good

          Bosun  If the bylaws don’t have date.

        Sayyida  to my memory they do not

          Bosun  Something we should fix as well.

        Sayyida  agreed

     Pirate_Joe  I was already planning on doing some work on the bylaws when I returned from vacation

          Bosun  May I talk corporation.

          Bosun  ?

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, excellent I will join you on that

        Sayyida  yes Bosun

        Sayyida  I want to keep this meeting as short as possible for Pirate_Joe

        Sayyida  hes on vacation and should not be here long

     Pirate_Joe  Ty Sayyisa

        Sayyida  Bosun, what do you have

          Bosun  I registered us as a cooperative association with DC. When we get the paperwork back I will get the EIN.

          OGPAF  hooray

        Sayyida  yay

        Sayyida  Bosun, and I are going to DC, we should pay the lawyer a vist while we are there

     Pirate_Joe  As soon as we have the EIN I’ll set up the banking

        Sayyida  anything else gentlemen?

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, good

          Bosun  US Pirate Cooperative Association

        Sayyida  excellent name

        Sayyida  so we are a co-op

     Pirate_Joe  I will also fund raise at a party for pirates on August 24th

     Pirate_Joe  My backyard, lots of rum

          Bosun  1 member for each state, DC, and the territories – all equal.

        Sayyida  so each gets a vote as long as they are active correct?

          Bosun  So 1 member 1 vote – equal shares – just like pirate crews.

        Sayyida  excellent

     Pirate_Joe  Well, does that include the council?

          Bosun  2 current members – WIPP and MAPP

     Pirate_Joe  I see, perfect.

        Sayyida  Pirate_Joe, glad you like it

          Bosun  Effectively is is the council’s legal entity.

        Sayyida  we are at half time

     Pirate_Joe  That is all I have today.

        Sayyida  same.

        Sayyida  Bosun, ?

     Pirate_Joe  Motion to adjourn?

        Sayyida  second

        Sayyida  vote?

     Pirate_Joe  All in favor?

          OGPAF  aye

     Pirate_Joe  Aye

        Sayyida  aye!