Approved Platform Positions

policies which may be adopted by any state in the PNC

On September 18th, 2022, the Pirate National Committee approved a motion to amend the bylaws of the PNC, leading to the creation of a more clarified and streamlined process for modular platform positions. In contrast with the core USPP platform, whose pieces are required to be a part of state platforms as well, the approved positions here are presented as-is for states to choose from. Any state who is a part of or who wishes to be a part of the PNC may use the platform policies on this page without direct PNC approval. Policies may occasionally be added here when suggested by the Platform committee or by member states.

PNC has approved the platforms, in their entirety, of the following states. As such, all positions seen listed in the individual party platforms have been approved for use by all other state parties.

State Party Platforms: