House Demonstrates Trade Deal Issues

Two weeks ago, the House Agriculture Committee voted 38-6 to repeal country-of-origin-labeling. (COOL), and now it’s the full House’s turn. In a 300-131 vote yesterday the “country of Origin Labeling Amendments Act” (HR 2393) passed with the support of a significant number of Democrats as well as the majority of Republicans.

The bill’s prompting and passage came after the World Trade Organisation ruled in favor of Canadian farmers, who sued claiming it was “discriminatory” and thus in violation of Free Trade Agreements. The problem? Cattle bought from abroad would have to be segregated from domestic cattle, increasing costs and making imports less desirable.

With Fast Track coming up for a vote — perhaps even today — it’s curious to see this snippet in the Associated Press report on the vote by the Speaker of the House:

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said after the vote that the last thing American farmers need “is for Congress to sit idly by as international bureaucrats seek to punish them through retaliatory trade policies that could devastate agriculture as well as other industries.”

That is, of course, the same John Boehner that has been encouraging the President to get more support for Fast Track, in order to pass more of these “Free Trade” deals that impose more international bureaucrats and will almost certainly lead to more disputes that “require” Congress to “not sit idly by.”

Meanwhile, remember what President Obama said at the Nike Plant just a few weeks ago:

[TPP] critics warn that parts of this deal would undermine American regulation — food safety, worker safety, even financial regulations. They’re making this stuff up. (Applause.) This is just not true. No trade agreement is going to force us to change our laws.

Less than one month on, and we have exactly what he claimed ‘is not true’ happening. A trade agreement forcing a law change, and having what some would claim is an impact on food safety. And it’s happening a day or so before the House is voting to create even more such situations whileclaiming that it won’t do this. Do they not even recognize what it is they’re voting on?

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