[LiveBlog] Pirate Perspectives on the State of the Union 2015

As with last year, we’re going to liveblog the State of the Union address. The State of the Union is often a roadmap for the executive branch, and the President’s party, giving indications on policy directions for the coming year.

It’s a constitutional requirement of the President, and while some parties feel so self-important about themselves, as to write and give a competing speech, We’d rather just comment on the important one, as clearly and succinctly as possible.

Your hosts are:

  • Lindsay-Anne “kusanagi” Brunner – Chairperson, US Pirate Party
  • Andrew “K`Tetch” Norton  Vice Chair, US Pirate Party / Vice Chair, Pirate Party of Georgia
  • Nick “itspara” – member, Maryland Pirate Party

1 comment on “[LiveBlog] Pirate Perspectives on the State of the Union 2015

  1. Aubreywan Picobi

    The President looks almost as tan as John Boehner.

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