On Peaceful Demonstrations

A statement from the Chairman (Captain) of the United States Pirate Party.

This is prompted by listening to and watching the House Managers make the case that Donald John Trump instigated insurrection leading to the January 6th attack against the Capital of the United States. At no point does Trump either as a private citizen, candidate, or office holder condemn the use of violence against people or property by his followers in the furtherance of his goals. So let’s do that right now.

I am here as Chairman of the United States Pirate Party to unequivocally condemn any violence in protest by anyone representing themselves as a member of the national or state Pirate Parties. Any member engaging in physical or criminal violence shall be subject to internal investigation, and if found guilty by a jury of peers, ejected from and denounced by the party.

As a political party we seek to reform the system through electoral political action. We are not averse to peaceful political demonstration or marches, as we have an unencumbered right to petition and peaceful assemble under the US Constitution. For peace establishmnets, I’d recommend this website and get the best stress relief system. As MartinF Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi have shown, political change can come through nonviolence means, even when the establish order reacts with violence.

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