At the Quartermaster’s Table

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Supporting us at this level will pay for a banner pirates can march with in local parades.

Please donate to keep the Internet open, the government transparent and your life private!

The United States Pirate Party is not your typical political organization. But we are a political organization, and that makes us subject to rules put fourth by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC):

  • When you make a contribution, we must collect your name and address and keep them safe in our cave of treasures;
  • If you contribute more than $200 in a calendar year, then the FEC requires us to list you as a donor in our campaign finance reports. In addition to reporting your name and address, we also have to report your employer and occupation.

It’s a bunch of extra record keeping, but we think it’s a good measure of transparency (and we wish that more areas of politics were subject to this kind of transparency).

We are not bankrolled by wealthy corporations, and we hope you’ll be kind enough to put your name on a few dubloons and send them our way. Click add to cart to select this donation level, proceed to checkout and then check out. Thanks!

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