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Second Officer Candidate Forum Tonight

Our first annual party conference continues at 9pm Eastern tonight with a second live stream of officer candidates answering your questions. You can ask questions in the live stream, on our Discord or at our IRC channel. All of the conference sessions are available at our 2021 Conference page.

The current candidates for officer positions are:

  • Captain/Chair: Yari Valtean, CA
  • First Officer/Vice-Chair: Joseph T. Klein, IL
  • Quartermaster/Treasurer: Joseph Onoroski, MA
  • Scribe/Secretary: James O’Keefe, MA
  • Lookout/State Moderator: Mitch Davilo, IL
  • Beancounter/Auditor: No candidates at this time
  • Swarmcare Manager: Mitch Davilo, IL
  • Webadmin/Director of the On-line: No candidates at this time

While the due date for nominations has passed, especially since we did not give the notice we planned, please email us at if you would like to be considered as a candidate, especially for the open positions.

Captain & co-founder of @masspirates husband father QA engineer curious economist youth soccer coach past candidate for high office

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