Stop Fast Track of the TPP!

In the few weeks prior to the President’s State of the Union address, there has been a piece of legislation that would send the Trans-Pacific Partnership into a “Fast Track,” skipping the debate of the agreement by Congress and allowing the executive to decide whether or not the United States agrees to this deal with a simple majority vote of Congress.

If you have not yet heard about the TPP, it’s not much of a surprise as it hasn’t been covered often in national media. The deal has been one created in secret, with extremely limited public input. Very recently, Wikileaks released some information about the TPP, and from what little we can see of it, it will be devastating to the environment, jobs, even the internet.

We’ve teamed up with Fight for the Future, EFF, Reddit and other organizations to oppose the Fast Track of this agreement. If the TPP does get its speedy approval provided by Fast Track, ordinary citizens lose a voice to their elected officials about this especially controversial agreement. By voting for the Fast Track of TPP, our elected officials are depriving us of the voice given to us; we would lose a chance to weigh in on the agreement, throwing democracy into the trash to allow swift passage of trade agreements created in secret.

Today, we ask you to call in to your senators and elected officials to urge them not to vote for this legislation. If you’d like, there is a call-in app on that you can use to call your reps with. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, please share the page and call! If you do not wish to call, but still want to take action, you can send an email to your representatives about Fast Track and the TPP.

For those calling or writing outside of the Stop Fast Track site, there is a script for you to use, and you can modify it however you please:

“I’m calling/writing to urge my representatives to oppose Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. Congress needs time to debate and amend trade agreements that affect all of us, and we the people need to have our voices heard about an agreement that has been created in secret. Fast Tracking the TPP is undemocratic, and I expect my lawmakers to oppose it. I’ll be watching this issue closely in 2014.”

This Friday, January 31, is the Day of Action. Around the country, there will be protests against this horrific agreement and preventing the passage of it. We’ll post the locations later on today.

We’ve defeated SOPA and CISPA. The TPP is worse than both combined and effects everything we know and love. Let’s fight against it, together.

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