United State Pirate Party – Regarding Impeachment

The United States Pirate Party supports impeachment by the House of Representatives and removal through conviction by The Senate. Donald J. Trump should be permanently barred from running for or holding any federal office or holding any position of trust with the United States government.

Donald J. Trump should be impeached for his incitement of insurrection and for his previous subversion of democratic processes as well as his subsequent refusal to show any contrition for his treasonous actions.

Many Republicans are complicit in creating the conditions the lead to the January 6th coup attempt, and we urge both the Congress and the GOP to purge these members from their ranks.

We are also concerned about what this coup attempt reveals about a portion of America. As a political party that supports human rights and seeks a just and egalitarian society, we see the daemons of humanities worst historical movements in the expressions of the January 6th mob. The cult of Q anon resembles antisemitic propaganda from the early 20th century such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that became part of the propaganda used by nationalist and fascist in Russia and Germany. The GOP has never properly faced its issues with race that are rooted in the Nixonian strategy of co-opting former anti-segregationist Dixiecrats into the party.

The mob of January 6th was a toxic mix of the worst of America. If we don’t expand our discussions and seek substantive long-term solution to systemic racism and oppression in America, impeachment will only have cut one head off the hydra.

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