Updated List of Officer Candidates

Here is an updated list of the current candidates for officer positions:

  • Captain/Chair: Yari Valtean, CA
  • First Officer/Vice-Chair: Joseph T. Klein, IL
  • Quartermaster/Treasurer: Joseph Onoroski, MA
  • Scribe/Secretary: James O’Keefe, MA
  • Lookout/State Moderator: Mitch Davilo, IL
  • Beancounter/Auditor: No candidates at this time
  • Swarmcare Manager: Mitch Davilo, IL
  • Webadmin/Director of the On-line: No candidates at this time

While the due date for nominations has passed, especially since we did not give the notice we planned, please email us at info@uspirates.org if you would like to be considered as a candidate, especially for the open positions.

If you missed the opening session of our first annual party conference, check it out below:

Captain & co-founder of @masspirates husband father QA engineer curious economist youth soccer coach past candidate for high office

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