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Want to build the Pirate Party? Contact us

We have been receiving a flood of emails from people interested in joining up. We’re working hard to get everyone responded to in a swift manner.

If you’d like to help make the Pirate Party grow in the U.S., we need you now more than ever. Send an email to us at

Thank you for your continued support, and onward toward electing more Pirates in 2017 and 2018!

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6 comments on “Want to build the Pirate Party? Contact us

  1. Jonathan irvine

    I would like to join but there is no California party. How can i get involved?

  2. Nancy Waddell

    Very curious about your party. Just returned from Iceland and was there for the election results. I am totally disgusted with both parties here and would like info here. It was interesting talking to Icelandic citizens about the Pirate Party. Thanks

    • Hi! Glad you got a chance to visit Iceland. We are really excited about the Icelandic Pirate Party and the great things they are doing.

      We would love to have your help. If you email with your state, we can link you up with other activists in your area.


  3. Joel Hager

    Is there a pirate party in Georgia (US) yet?

    • Lindsay-Anne Brunner

      There was one, however it was disbanded a few years ago. You can always help to restart it! Please sign up at and we’ll be in touch!

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