Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!

— Frederick Douglass

Portland is the fever, the sickness is totalitarianism, Trump wants to spread it to Chicago, Milwaukee, Seattle, LA, New York, and anyplace that apposes him.

There is an outrage building in the United States, an outrage against an administration that repeatedly and blatantly disregards our constitution. Trump is playing an old card here, one modeled on President Nixon, that somehow a silent majority will usher him into a second term.

America is changing, people are waking up to the broken promises, we are no longer sheep that can be lead by flag waving jingoists. For the first time suburban whites are marching for Black Lives Matter, war veterans are standing up against constitutional violations, people have had it with the President’s lies.

The idea of generic unbadged troop arresting people and putting them in unmarked vans, and attacking peaceful demonstrators; was once the paranoid delusion of rightwing militiamen; now has turned into a national nightmare. It seems as if the Republic is ebbing away, like a precursor to a Tsunami that threatens to destroy everything and everybody.

We the people must act, we must resist, we must agitate! Peacefully, in multitudes, in the spirit of Rev. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, we must agitate. We the people are the only ones that can restore our constitution and bring ourselves back from the brink of totalitarianism.

A great nation is one that is egalitarian, enforces human and civil rights, works to lift everyone out of poverty and ignorance. To repair our broken nation and move it toward the place we want it to be, we must agitate! Agitate! Agitate!


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