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Andrew Norton Resigns as USPP Chair

Andrew "K`Tetch" Norton
Andrew “K`Tetch” Norton

I’ll come as no surprise to many that today I’m announcing my resignation from the USPP, effective March 1 2016. I’ve been with it I’ve been with the USPP off and on since July 2006, and in the last 9.5 years, I’ve learnt a lot, experienced more, and made a lot of friends, and professional contacts. I also learnt some languages, helped coordinate some campaigns, co-edited and published a book, and spent a bunch of time looking really uncomfortable on TV cameras (be it G4TV’s Attack of the Show on “Porn Piracy“, or Al Jazeera America’s The Stream on the sentencing of a computer hacker).

However, much as I was in the summer of 2009, I’m just about out of steam on the Pirate front at present. One of my biggest problems is that I’ve allowed myself to be drawn into too many different (albeit complimentary) directions, and thus spread myself too thin. I have a whole host of projects either part started, or waiting for me to start. It’s come to the point where I have so many commitments that I can’t do any of them to a level that satisfies me. So in order to do that, I need to reduce some of my commitments, and the Pirate Party is one of them.

It’s not that I don’t feel the Pirate Party (or indeed the Pirate movement as a whole) is important, it’s that in order to dedicate the time to it I feel it needs, I would not have sufficient time to clear any of my other projects.

Those that know me, know I’m my own worst critic. I’m also fiercly proud of my personal integrity, and –  much as it pains me to admit it – it’s been pretty clear that this last year or so under my leadership has been less than effective. In my candidacy I promised at least incidence of national media coverage and I was unable to deliver. That was a significant failure on my part, and I willingly accept responsibility for that.

In addition, I have been significantly deficient in attempts to recruit and encourage new membership and to help new parties start. It was not deliberate, and I can only reiterate that my failings are due to taking on far too much for my ability, leaving me unable to do anything effectively.

For my hubris I strongly apologize.

In actuality, the Pirate National Committee is due for replacements (due back in December actually) and so it’s actually past time for some fresh blood at the helm. Thus, as with Liz’s announcement a few days ago, I’ll be stepping back entirely.

I will not be vanishing entirely though. I will still be researching and writing on pirate topics, plus one of the projects I hope to have finished is a history of the first ten years of the Pirate Party movement, worldwide. In addition, I hope to finally be able to finish the second edition of No Safe Harbor, and get out its sequel, which is a number of years delayed at present.

And as to the inevitable question “Will I be back (again)”, that’s a question for the future, and certainly not one I can answer at present.

It’s been a long strange road at times the last ten years, but it’s not one I would trade for anything.

Andrew “K`Tetch” Norton

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