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Help Write our Platform!

The United States Pirate Party’s Platform Committee is looking for volunteers to write our party’s official platform. All you need to do is propose your ideas for the platform, and critique each other’s ideas; this is your opportunity to have your voice heard! Help us tell the world what we stand for.

If you want to volunteer for the Platform Committee, email me at

Thank you,

Viktyr Gehrig
Wyoming Pirate Party

18 comments on “Help Write our Platform!

  1. Jerry smith

    The pirate party must give real hope for people in general. Real, realistic hope.


  2. JSpaulding

    Does this require physical presence at a particular location?

  3. Tim Piette

    I recommend a pro-immigration, pro-trade platform. These promote integration of society and thus better sharing of information and ideas. They tend to break down barriers and authoritarianism.

    I certainly concur with staying anti-monopoly. One of the roles of government ought to be ensuring that the rules of the game are fair to all players, allowing even those at the bottom to work their way up effectively.

    Socially, while I am pro-life and favor traditional marriage, I’m not sure that it’s best to focus on these in the party platform because of the divisiveness of the issues.

    I believe that a focus on addressing poverty is warranted. The Pirate Party could have much to offer communities through integrated technology, encouraging the arts, and sponsoring efforts by individual citizens such as Boys and Girls club, ESL, and other community efforts.

  4. Kenneth Green

    Nether of the two main parties represent the will of the people but many of the ideas put forward by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are worth considering.

  5. Replace hierarchy and ownership (money based investment) with direct democracy systems and software,

  6. Shawn Cooper

    Providing equal grant funding programs for aspiring individuals/minorities to receive community resource grants for the vital purpose to participate in economic development. Creating noble land reform policies that would allow all law abiding citizens to be able buy and own buildable land-property affordably (free & clear) as a tangible economic growth asset. Honoring the everlasting biblical principles of the kingdom of Almighty God as the moral foundation in all policy-law structuring. And giving reparations for the atrocities of peonage, racially bias discriminatory “Jim Crow” laws, slavery & tribal native land displacements which has affected the economic progression of generations of underprivileged African-Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans. These proposed platform ideas represent the true ideals of a democracy. If a political governing party truly intends to effectively serve “we the people”, then they humbly must seek the biblical insight-wisdom of Almighty in order to morally understand how to share the [God given] earth land and natural resources with all fellow law abiding a human being citizens.

  7. Shawn Cooper

    Party Platform ideas:Land Reform, Reparations and providing equal grant funding access programs for aspiring individuals/minorities to equally participate in revitalizing distressed rural/urban communities. In a true democracy all law abiding aspiring citizens should be able to own buildable land-property (as a tangible economic growth asset) for the essential purpose to build a desired home, develop a small business work space, grow natural crops for healthier eating and raise a precious God Loving family household. Only the biblical insight-wisdom of Almighty God can teach humankind how to righteously share the earth land and natural resources with all fellow law abiding citizens especially those human beings who are economically disenfranchised.

  8. boi you need to wite your own

  9. I’m totally on board here…unless you consider any idea promoted by Elizabeth Warren…thenyou can count me out…she’s crazy. She would also be totally against the concepts of the original Pirate Party, specifically those areas that relate to direct democracy. transparency and public access to information (see any Hillary Clinton reference ever). Here is why neither republicans nor democrats should be allowed to join the Pirate Party, unless they have proven themselves over time to believe in all of the 6 areas of the core concepts (which would probably be only a few if any):

    1. Critical thinking and well-informed policy – really both of our current 2 parties fail this measure. “Pirates shape their policy on the basis of data and knowledge which is gathered irrespective of whether or not the policy seems desirable or not at first.” Neither Republicans nor Democrats care about facts, in fact they twist facts into spin to promote the “facts” in a light that their constituents want to hear.

    2. Civil rights – I would say generally Democrats do a much better job of defending civil rights than do Republicans, but that being said the Democrats would in my opinion fail the Pirate Parties last stance on the issue which is “Pirates believe that civil rights belong to individuals and that the rights of every person is equally strong.” I think the Democrats are more than happy to defend the civil rights of special interest groups and minorities…going so far as to demonize white males in doing so.

    3. A right to privacy – Both of our current parties are more than happy to trample our rights to privacy. As the obvious example, look no further than Edward Snowden. Snowden is the one topic that Democrats and Republicans can agree on…they both hate that he shined a powerful light on the illegal activities of the federal government. Trump and Clinton both want him arrested.

    4. Transparency and responsibility – Again neither party believes in this. Obama claimed he would have the “most transparent administration ever,” but even the Washington Post named his administration as one of the most secretive ever. Clinton, while in possession of a court order demanding records, deleted those records and claimed they were “personal.” Republicans have done the same…only claiming the need for transparency when they were investigating someone outside of their own party.

    5. Freedom of information and expression – Not 100% sure I understand this I am going to assume both the Republicans and Democrats fail here…so that’s not fair but still…

    6. Direct democracy and the right to self-determination – This one would have the blood boiling of every politician in the US. It all but eliminates the need for the very people we all despise…all of those self-serving, self-dealing, two faced Washington DC politicians. Promise change to get elected, then do whatever the heck they want for the years following after backroom deals and corporate negotiations.

  10. The pirate Party should create a platform of Police Reform, New Votings Rights Act, and ending the drug war.

  11. B D. Chrisman

    Create a single payer healthcare system in every state through a self-funded plan. The self-funded plan would be initially funded by a $100 million dollar grant to each state. The self-funded plan would be actuarially established premiums.

  12. Garrett Bailey

    I would favor a Left Wing Nationalist position on Foreign Policy.

  13. Kevin Nelson

    The sad truth is neither major party represents the needs of the majority of the citizenry. Economic freedom is out of reach for most. The internet helps close the gap but government regulations are hampering efforts of potential entrepreneurs. I think the Pirate Party has the potential to correct the gaps that the Libertarian Party has with the general public’s concerns. I would hope the Pirate Party takes a centrist but stay unaligned to partisan politics.

  14. Okay, here’s one that has yet to be refuted: Deficit spending destroys democracy by avoiding discomfort to living taxpayers.

    The House of Reps has the shortest term of office because it is in charge of the budget. The idea being that Representatives would be voted out if they raised taxes to pay for pet projects people didn’t want to pay for.

    A corollary to this position is that the US government is, therefor, designed around a balanced budget.

  15. Viktyr C Gehrig

    Committee meets online, using Slack. Email me at and I will add you to the committee.

  16. I think a very valuable topic however is economic slavery/indenture. And what I mean by that is the fact that government today is colluding with poorly regulated business at the expense of the common people.
    An example, I had a traffic ticket from a a red light camera, didn’t see the notice in the mail, a year later King Co in Washington sold my unpaid traffic ticket debt to transworld debt, whole sat on in for 3 years, they then called me to let me know I owed them money, and I said that I would be glad to pay if they could provide me with proof of the infraction. A year later the proof shows up. The original ticket was $124, the collection fee they add is $24, and they add 12% interest per annum to bring to total to about $240. When I charge something to credit card, I have a contract with the credit card company regarding the rate and I can choose to not use my credit card. However I never agreed, nor did the state of WA agree to this arbitrary 12% interest rate on the debt they purchased from the state. This isn’t going to hurt me, but I know lots of people who this type of thing utterly screws. Interest rates and usury laws can be exceeding steep to those most in need. Payday loans can have interest rates exceeding 250%.

  17. I guess I am just worried about treating the symptom of poverty and don’t want to go all social justice warrior, but instead want to look at things that can be direct causes. Redistribution of wealth is a symptomatic approach, while preventing predatory lending addresses a cause.

  18. Viktyr C Gehrig

    Thank you for your responses! I will make sure all of these issues are considered by the Committee.

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