July Meeting/Discussion

We invite all the states, including those being formed, to discuss building the Pirate Party in the US on Wednesday, July 6th at 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6PM Pacific. We will gather in the #uspp Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel at PirateIRC.

If you are familiar with IRC, please consult the PirateIRC servers page for connections details.  If you are not familiar with IRC go to, choose a nickname and enter #uspp as the channel.

In the future, meetings will occur on the first Wednesday of the month.


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Further information

Free USPP Book: No Safe Harbor

Free USPP Book: No Safe Harbor

IRC Meetings

The US Pirate Party holds monthly planning meeting over IRC, with dates announced a week in advance.

To participate in the meetings:

  • Use a webchat to connect to
  • Fill out the web form with the Nickname of your choice and enter #uspp in the Channel box next to it, then click the Connect button
  • Start typing and reading

You can also connect via your IRC client at one of the servers listed at

It is also recommended that you register your nick.