ICYMI: Vermin, Pride, A New Board

ICYMI – June 10 2024


On June 15th, the USPP will be hosting a Big Pirate Pride Celebration! Come join us and celebrate Pride!

Over the weekend of June 1st and 2nd in Chicagoland suburb Bensenville, Illinois, the United States Pirate Party held the 2024 Pirate National Conference, titled “Steal This Conference!”. At the conclusion of our conference, the United States Pirate Party officially voted to endorse Vermin Supreme’s 2024 Presidential campaign. You can find out more about that here.

The annual conference saw our new Pirate National Committee board elected.

Captain and Vice Captain Drew Bingaman and Ty Clifford were reelected to their positions. Michael Cadwallader was also reelected and will return as USPP Scribe/Secretary.

Auditor Ben Horlick took over the reigns of Treasurer from Joseph Onoroski, who is running for Massachusetts House of Representatives in 17th Middlesex District (Campaign Website), while Dustin Etts takes the Auditor reigns from Horlick.

Former Swarmcare Manager Sarai “Sopphey {V}ance” Oviedo is once again the Swarmcare Manager, immediately going to work and organizing the aforementioned Pride event, a prompting for the continuation of Pan-American Pirate Party relations, as well as other upcoming events (stay tuned!).

Former USPP Captain Rose Klein returns to the board as the State Moderator/Lookout.

Massachusetts Pirates James O’Keefe and Eli McGee will take over as Directors of Online and Public Relations, respectively.

We are excited to see what the future brings to the Pirate Party. We saw an influx of interested volunteers, as well as confirmation that states such as Florida and West Virginia are quickly nearing finalization of their state parties. If you are interested in getting involved in your state party, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or our Discord server.

Thank you for your support, we hope to see you at the upcoming Pride event and other future events.

If purchasing isn’t ownership, piracy isn’t theft. Vote Pirate.

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