Vermin Supreme 2024

Vermin Supreme 2024

During the 2024 Pirate National Conference, the board and supporters of the United States Pirate Party elected to endorse Vermin Supreme in his 2024 Presidential campaign for President of the United States.

Vermin Supreme (legal name Vermin Supreme) has ran in and been involved in every Presidential election since 1992. With promises of free ponies and taking away your guns (to give you better guns), Vermin is the only candidate running an honest campaign.

People might hear “Vermin Supreme” or see a boot on the head and immediately deem it a joke. As a party called “The Pirate Party”, we do understand that plight. In that madness that people might see upon first inspection of the Vermin campaign, we have found the sense and logic and hope to promote that to the masses.

Whether you are in a state that has an active pirate party, a forming pirate party or no pirate party at all, you have a Pirate-endorsed Presidential candidate you can throw your support behind this 2024 election cycle.

(Bonus: if you live in Massachusetts 17th Middlesex District, you have the opportunity to vote for another Pirate candidate.)

Support the Pirate Party and Vermin Supreme this 2024 election cycle! Visit to get involved with the campaign! #VotePirate #VerminSupreme2024