Join the US Pirate Party’s crew as Swarmcare Manager! 🏴‍☠️

Ahoy, Pirate! 🦜

Fancy setting sail on a mission to nurture our pirate swarm? The US Pirate Party is on the lookout for a savvy soul to take the helm as our Swarmcare Manager. If you’ve got a heart as vast as the ocean, a passion for pirate principles, and a knack for welcoming mates aboard, this be the role for ye!


  • Welcome landlubbers and seasoned pirates with a cheer of “Ahoy!”
  • Keep an eye on the crew’s well-being and report any squalls to the Quartermaster.
  • Help our pirate swarm grow and thrive!


  • A love for freedom, transparency, and a sprinkle of pirate mischief.
  • Friendly spirit and excellent communication skills.
  • No experience needed—just a shipload of enthusiasm!

Booty (Perks):

  • Endless gratitude from yer pirate crewmates.
  • Shape the future of the Pirate Party and make waves in politics.

The election be settin’ sail on November 19. Ready to join the crew and make history? Drop anchor on our Discord (click here) or fire a message to

Yo ho ho, let the adventure begin! 🏴‍☠️



Ty Clifford
Vice Chair
United States Pirate Party

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