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On the genocide in Gaza

Members of the USPP had worked for some time to draft our own statement regarding the crisis occurring in Gaza. There is a clear need for action in this crisis, and we encourage our members and followers to continue the work of contacting their representatives and pushing for peace. Despite this, our members have been at odds with regards what exact sort of statement we should be making. This last week, we realized that the Provisional Texas Pirates, Tejas Piratas, phrased it best – and decided as a body to formally republish their statement as our own. In the end, no words we say can be a replacement for the voices of the oppressed peoples who are being killed in Gaza.


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We, the US Pirate Party, stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine in their struggle for liberation.

Being pro-Palestine and against antisemitism go hand in hand. All systems of oppression reinforce one another, and none can be fought in isolation. As we condemn the Holocaust, we will also condemn the Nakba.

The echoes of the previous generation’s colonialism and empire building ring through in the warfare over the peoples of Palestine. The continued subsidization of the global war machine via equipment transfers and direct taxpayer funding must stop. It is unconscionable, inhumane, and a United Nations-defined war crime when food, water, and access to medical aid are cut off from a people.

If we can overcome the forces that want to drive a wedge between us and our fellow global citizens, we can overcome the inhumanity of war and terrorism. Atrocities continue to happen long after the news cameras and aid crews have left. All life is valid. All people deserve the autonomy to live a dignified and humane life.

We call for an end to all genocide.

We call upon the government and people of the United States to boycott, divest from, and sanction the State of Israel until such time as it withdraws from all occupied territory.

We call for peace.

We call for justice.

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