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Pirate National Conference Announcement!

The US Pirate Party will be hosting its annual national conference online from May 29th to June 4th – and we need your help to make sure everything goes smoothly!

The theme of the conference, as decided in the session of the Pirate National Committee on 02/19/23 (link) is “Piratey McPirateface”.

We eagerly hope you’ll join us to celebrate another year of amazing progress for the US Pirates as well as pirates internationally. As in previous years, our conference will include livestream presentations by various members of our community, debates between candidates, discussions about pirate politics, and the election of a new slate of officers to aid the PNC in their goals.

We need your help! – planning a conference means dealing with many unknowns, gathering volunteers, prepping tech needs, leading workshops, and sending out media blasts. We will be posting a form to volunteer more directly very soon. In the meantime – please go to our discord and check out the #piratey-mcpirateface channel. That’s where you can help us to brainstorm and organize!

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