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#UnPatriotAct Protest: What We’re Doing (And How To Help)

The United States Pirate Party invites you to take part in the #UnPatriotAct protest, an event that will range from October 25th-27th. This protest is 100% digital, and requires the cooperation of many different people and organizations across various backgrounds if it is to work. What can you do? It’s simple: your job is to raise a fuss about the alarming current state of digital rights and privacy in the United States. We want to ensure that this conversation does not stop at any point during this three day period.

The Livestream

Our main attraction will be a series of live streamed panels that we plan to host throughout the three day period. We will have a variety of speakers come to discuss the issue of digital rights in many different forms. Our panel schedule will be updated in the form of this YouTube playlist. If you have an interest in speaking at the event, please either join our Discord chatroom or send us an email at

The Protest

This is one of the ways where anyone can get involved. Throughout, before, and after October 25th-27th, we encourage you to utilize the hashtag #UnPatriotAct on Twitter to voice your concerns over all things PATRIOT Act-related. The USPP will be monitoring this tag, and we look forward to replying to what you have to say! Please get your friends and followers in on the discussion too. Numbers = Strength.

If for any reason you would want to produce #UnPatriotAct media of your own, we suggest you use this style guide:

The Petition

We want to take this directly to DC. While it may not happen this time around, we have to start somewhere. That’s why we’ve made a humble petition asking Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi to “pull the plug” on the Patriot Act. Let’s see how many signatures we can get! The petition can be found here. We also encourage everyone to call their Representatives individually to voice their concerns if they so choose.

The Goal

We know this is late notice, and we know very well that we are a small organization. Our goal here is not to break the internet – only to educate and inform the public on current government protocol we find objectionable. The more we do that, the more explosive our future efforts will be.

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