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Andrew Norton Resigns as USPP Chair

I’ll come as no surprise to many that today I’m announcing my resignation from the USPP, effective March 1 2016. I’ve been with it I’ve been with the USPP off and on since July 2006, and in the last 9.5 years, I’ve learnt a lot, experienced more, and made a lot of friends, and professional conta... Read more

Trump for Pirate President?

I recently got a letter from Myron Goretzky at the ‘Coalition for National Referendum’ (CNR), trying to convince me that the Pirate Party should support Donald Trump for President. In case you hadn’t noticed, the US Pirate Party (I’m assuming he means the US Pirate Party anyway, doubt a... Read more

US Pirate Party, Lessig, and the State of US Democracy

What follows is a statement from the US Pirate Party's leadership on the decision by Professor Lawrence Lessig to withdraw his candidacy. The US Pirate Party expresses our disappointment with the decision by the Democratic National Committee to change the rules of their debate admittance to avoid h... Read more

A Plea from the Pirates: Attend the Boston Freedom Rally with Massachusetts Pirate Party!

You may have seen the recent DigBoston interview with Lucia Fiero, quartermaster of the United States Pirate Party and would like to join up with them at the Boston Freedom Rally on September 26 and 27, 2015. We have provided additional contact information below to help anyone interested meet up... Read more

House Demonstrates Trade Deal Issues

Two weeks ago, the House Agriculture Committee voted 38-6 to repeal country-of-origin-labeling. (COOL), and now it's the full House's turn. In a 300-131 vote yesterday the "country of Origin Labeling Amendments Act" (HR 2393) passed with the support of a significant number of Democrats as well as th... Read more

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